Forex EA Builder 1年使用期限(含2日基礎教學課程)

NT$12,680 NT$10,680

  1. Create your own strategy into an EA by a quick and easy way
  2. The expert advisors of Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 can be generated simultaneously
  3. Users focus on the logical thinking, not need to know the program syntax.
  4. Online editing does not require any software to be installed (only Chrome is required).
  5. Provide online samples to speed up learning.
  6. Provide common steps for trading to simplify cumbersome steps


課程名稱:    輕鬆學會外匯EA 程式設計


上班沒時間看盤,下班累想休息! 工作繁忙的您讓機器人(EA程式交易)來幫您監控及操作外匯交易! 只要把自己想好的交易策略不需要學習程式語法用Forex EA Builder堆疊積木方式簡單實現出來,就不需要長時間盯盤讓生活品質提升! 拉好積木程式馬上轉成MT4及MT5平台程式碼!不懂程式語法一樣可以完成自己的EA!

Forex EA Builder 主要為外匯交易平台 Metatrader 4 / Metatrader 5 所設計的EA(Expert Advisor) 產生器! 利用圖形化介面可使得交易者不懂程式語法且想把自己策略寫成EA, 可以大大降低學習程式交易門檻!


  1. 建議有接觸過MT4/MT5手操外匯經驗者
  2. 對程式交易有興趣者


  1. 學員需自備 筆電 (教室有提供WiFi)
  2. 上課前安裝好 MT4或MT5平台軟體
  3. 午餐自理

 課程目標: 希望每位學員都可以把自己的策略撰寫成EA!!


主講者: Forex EA Builder 設計團隊

第1日 課程內容(6小時): (課程內容必要時會微調)

       1.Expert Advisor 開發流程


       3.Forex EA Builder的介紹







第2日課程內容(6小時): (課程內容必要時會微調)

      1.按下平倉按鈕 所有獲利部位平倉出場







  1. 免去學習MQL語法(MT4/MT5 EA)的痛苦!
  2. 從基礎開始學習! 學會如何堆疊積木出 EA–>回測 –>優化參數.
  3. 積木產生MT4/MT5 EA程式,永遠都可以使用,不受積木使用期限限制.
  4. 一次聽不懂可以免費再報名參加複訊(一年有效)
  5. 課後不懂可以隨時利用LINE訊息發問及交流.
  6. 提供許多技巧及EA範例資料供學員參考(下載區)



上課日期: (約2個月1次)





Forex EA-Builder is only an auxiliary tool to assist you in implementing your own trading strategy. It should not be considered as containing investment advice or trading tools, so it will not bear any responsibility for the loss of money caused by users when trading. There are risks in investments and transactions, and past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. "Nozomi Forex EA Builder" does not take into account personal investment goals or financial status, and is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of third-party information in the tools provided by Forex EA Builder, and is not responsible for any employees who provide recommendations or predict investment losses. When using the Forex EA Builder to create an EA (Expert Advisor), it is strongly recommended to use a demo account to test whether the EA operates according to its own strategy. Check the test several times to confirm that there is no problem before using the real account!

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